In Diarly, you can set Journals in which you can craete separte entires, that will relate to a give subject. You can have journals that will regard travelling, work or your personal notes.

There are a few ways of accessing this option:


  • click on the Journal Name displayed on the top of the list view and choose Manage Journals
Manage Journals
  • click on the top menu to choose Journals > Create New Journal

iPhone and iPad

  • click on the Diary in the toolbar and choose Manage Journals
iOS Manage Journals
  • go to Settings ( bottom left corner) and choose Journals
iOS Add Journal
iOS Add Journal

To quickly change journals, just quickly click on the name of the Journal to open the drop-down menu

Multiple Journal

To remove existing Journals on Mac, please go to the Manage Journals option and hover over the given journal. You will then see Rename and Remove options:

Remove Journal

To remove existing Journals on iPhone/iPad, please go to Settings > Journals and swipe to the left name of the journal that you wish to delete. You will then have a delete option.

Tip the search option works across the journals.