Advanced search options

In Diarly, the search option shows results from all your journals, and by using special keywords and " you can make your search more accurate.

Special Keywords

Advanced Search

If you want to have an exact match, you can use double-quotes "wonderful Monday"

If you use #, the keyword search will suggest all the tags you can use.

Diarly also supports following extra keywords starting with @

  • @files - shows only entries with at least one file (which is not a picture)

  • @images - shows only entries with at least one image

  • @todo - shows only entries with check-lists

  • @starred - shows only starred entries

  • @links - shows only entries with links

  • @note - shows only notes and timeline entries are hidden

Filtering by Journal

You can filter the search option to just one journal. If you start typing with / Diarly will display suggestions with all available journals to filter.

Using Quotes for exact match

When searching for multiple words such as: wonderful Monday

By default, Diarly checks if note contains all the words, for example: on Monday ... my wonderful will be also a match.